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Expand the impact of your YouTube videos into comprehensive resources and encourage deeper understanding. We help you leverage your existing YouTube content to create structured, engaging educational materials with minimal preparation needed. Tools Created By Pastors - For Pastors!

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More Resources = More Impact

Structured Learning Materials

We convert your sermon content into structured learning materials, including study guides, summaries, discussion points and even help with social media relevent to your message. These resources empower small groups, parents, and individuals to dive deeper into the message and apply it to their lives.

Benefits of Our Service

Utilizing your existing YouTube content, we create structured, engaging educational materials with minimal preparation needed by you. Focus more on engagement and ministry rather than content creation and technology management.

Meaningful Learning

Study guides and lesson plans deepen the learning experience, helping congregants connect and reflect on teachings. Focus more on engagement and ministry rather than content creation.

Easy As 1-2-3

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Empowering Churches

Become more efficient content creators by using tools cutomized to your work. Deliver high-quality content that resonates with your congregation. Achieve a healthier work-life balance and increase your availability to connect with those you shepherd. Deepen your congregations personal spiritual growth.

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Impact Measurement

Through analytics, we help you measure the impact of your sermons and resources. Insights into engagement levels, popular topics, and audience feedback empower you to tailor future content effectively. Our mission is to amplify the transformative power of your sermons. Whether you're reaching out to your congregation, online followers, or global audiences, we provide the tools and support to make your message resonate and inspire change.

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Review From Our Users

Excellent Site!

The resources generated greatly helped in enriching the content provided to our congregation.

Image Jean, — Website User

The resources are easy to use!

Simply login and find your resources, that's it. They truly did all the work for us! Wow!

Image Johan, — Website User

Awesome functionality!

Content of the resources created was tailored to the sermon, this would have taken me hours to create!

Image Jean, — Website User